October 07, 2011

Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental, Philippines

The Place: Little Sagada in [Mt. Province] Negros Occidental is the perfect description that I can think about this beautiful place. Considered as the summer capital of Negros Island and blessed with cold weather and beautiful natural scenery. The town of Don Salvador Benedicto is a 42 km from Bacolod City. It is located at the center of the mountains of northern Negros Occidental which you can view Mt. Canlaon from a far.

Breathtaking mountain view right under the pine trees.

The Catch: Viewing Deck or Lantawan as the local say it in bisaya, is overlooking the Malatan-og waterfalls, A perfect cigarette like falls that most traveler can see it from the bus window upon passing by this part of the  winding road. Few minutes away, you can see the beautiful Pine trees lined up along the well-maintained highway, manicured path walk, rice terraces from a far hills, the fascinating mountain view, the cold breeze and the quietness of the place where you can only hear the sound of nature which offer deep serenity as you enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of nature that this place can offer.It is truly wonderful.

Viewing Deck or Lantawan
Down the hill going to Malatan-og Falls-a 30 minutes trek
Up-close & personal encounter with the fascinating Malatan-og Falls
Full length of the wonderful Malatan-og Falls

Food: You can find a lot of clean “Lutong bahay” and fresh fruits around the place.

Accommodation: Are available for P500 to 600 pesos a night if you wish to stay overnight and experience the cold and windy night with nature and of course with someone else.

A Marlboro Country site, view from the highway

Rich flora around Malatan-og Falls

Flowers are growing free & wild around the place

One of winding road view

Lined up pine trees along the 1.7km well-maintained highway

How to get here: The town is approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour drive from Bacolod City south terminal which, you can take Ceres Bus going through the center of the town. They have regular trip every 45 minutes interval with a fare approximately at P64.00 more or less one way for fully air-conditioned accommodation. If you travel from Cebu City, you can take the first trip at 5:00 in the morning at the North Bus Terminal via Toledo City. Expected arrival to the destination is at 10 am. You can take a ferry boat but it takes you more or less two hours going to San Carlos City. Fastest option is to take instead a fast craft-fully air-conditioned that will leave at 7:00 am for 45 minutes travel. From San Carlos City port, take a tricycle to the terminal where you can take a ride in a Ceres Bus again going to the destination. Fare is about P70.00 Cebu to Toledo, P200 fast craft plus P10 pesos terminal fee (note: same fare with the ferry that will take you for 2 hours) and P60 from San Carlos City terminal to Don Benedicto Town. Upon arrival, go straight to their new built Tourism Center, fronting the Pulis Station. Courtesy call to the very hospitable, young and beautiful (ahem) Tourism Officer in town which you can register, get information, ask for a local guide for a minimal fee of P100 to 200 pesos. Take note that you can deposit your extra baggage at the center for your convenience and feel light as you enjoy roaming around the hill.  

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Anonymous said...

I am Andy.Thank you a lot for exact information how to reach this beautiful place. Have a nice more trips.

Eduard P. Pugosa said...

Hi Andy thank you for dropping by.;-) Every blog uploaded here has complete details on how to get the place i traveled. Enjoy traveling. I hope this page will guide you to your plan escapades.Ingat

Anonymous said...

Howdy Eduard.It`s Andy again. Thank u a lot for your reply.By the way, what side ( left or right) should I sit in a bus to see Malatan-og falls if the bus is going from Bacolod to San Carlos?

Eduard P. Pugosa said...

Hi Andy, sorry for the late reply, its on the left side if your coming from bacolod going to San Carlos. Please take note that the spot is in a curve spot to your right. Thanks, njoy your trip.

Anonymous said...

This is by far the most informative post on how to get to DSB. Thank you!

eduard pugosa said...

Thanks for dropping by Liquiddruid, thats the only thing that i can share to those who love to explore places that i been traveled to.. its a nice feeling recieving this comment of yours and inspire me more to encode free travel guide in this passion we share in traveling! Keep exploring! And share your travel experiences too...

pinaytunay said...

Thank you eduard for the very informative post. I bet it's best to travel to DSB in a private car or single motor cycle so i can stop anywhere for photo ops...i hope i find a willing driver...

Eduard P. Pugosa said...

Hi Pinaytunay, Thanks for dropping by, Yes, the place is very nice. There's a lot of motorcycle to deal with. Thanks

Eduard P. Pugosa said...

Hi Pinaytunay, Thanks for dropping by, Yes, the place is very nice. There's a lot of motorcycle to deal with. Thanks

Ma. Zephora Roma said...

Hi po. What place accomodates that price sir?