November 08, 2011

Kipot Twin Falls, Barangay Mailum, Bago City, Negros Occidental, Philippines

THE PLACE: Bago City is known as the “Home of historical and natural treasures”, owing to its contribution in the colorful history of the province of Negros Occidental and the country, and it’s beautiful scenery and abundance in flora and fauna making it a good Eco-tourism destination.1

As a tourist destination, Bago City boasts of the many attractions it can offer from the different nature parks and resorts around the area to the gasping sights of the cascading waterfalls and flora at the height of the viewing deck of the Kipot Twin Falls. A truly life-enriching experience.1

Kipot Twin Falls from the viewing deck

The city is endowed with vast and long stretch of rolling plains-carpeted with rice, sugarcane, corn, coconut, fruit trees and other high value crops. (

 HOW TO GET HERE: Kipot Falls is located at the foot of Mt. Canlaon in barangay Mailum,  western part of Bago City. It can be reached through a public transport from Bacolod City for about 2:30 hours including several stops (be patient) for loading and unloading of passengers. From Bacolod South Bus Terminal, Take a minibus going to Ma-ao Town for P30 pesos one way. It will pass through the City proper of Bago and stop for a couple of minutes before heading to Ma-ao town. Along your way, a vast rice field and a sugarcane plantation can be seen plus a spectacular mountain view of Mt. Canlaon from a far.

Don't be shy, be talkative, talk to the locals, they are very hospitable people  I promise.. you can see a real smile on their faces once you start talking, be real and be with yourself, ask information's you need and they will sincerely lead you the right way. From Ma-ao town, right where the bus stop in the public market, you can find a lot of public tricycle that can accommodate 7 to 8 people in one trip. Just ask the driver to take you to Kipot Falls. Travel time is about 30 minutes driving up the mountain, fare is P23 one way. I was so lucky, I have met & spoke to a lot of locals in the tricycle going up to the mountain. Real intentions can be felt with no sense of wariness from my own perspective as a traveler. And take note, they offered me to sit down at the front seat of the tricycle for me to perfectly see and take photos of the view's as we drove along the paved road going up to the mountain. 

Riding on the tricycle with locals

The tricycle driver offered me to go along if I wish to explore other spots-mountain resorts near the area for a minimal fee. If you aspire to do so, you can negotiate the tricycle driver for your next itinerary. 

THE FOOD: Going back,to the city, you can explore  the city proper tourist spots-old houses and landmarks and of course their street foods and local delicacies.

Tortang puso nang saging
This food is very delicious, at first glanced at it, i had a second thought of tasting it or not but i made it, I tasted it, it was so good! promise,  that i had to ask for more pcs for additional bite  on it and ended up consuming 3 pcs. 

Sinabawang mongo with bamboo shoot.
My escapade was completed with a healthy hot and yummy meal-vegetarian-"Tortang puso nang saging" plus "sinabawang mongo with bamboo shoot." 

TAKE NOTE: Kipot Falls Resort is still closed for renovation for the time being. You can visit there for just a glimpse of it. Other resorts nearby has accommodation if you wish to stay overnight.

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